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Hand and Nail Brush

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The PAUME Hand & Nail Brush is a luxurious addition to your hand care ritual. Made with cellulose acetate derived from wood pulp, and soft natural boar bristles, it can be used as a rejuvenating dry brush, or for deep cleaning with soap and water, to keep your hands clean, smooth and glowing. Dry Brush: Gently exfoliate your hands, remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture, and encourage blood flow to your hands. Wet Brush: Remove stubborn dirt and impurities from fingernails, cuticles, and nail beds.
Cellulose Acetate And Boar Hair
Dry Brush the tops of your hands and fingers to stimulate blood flow, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. For deep nail and hand cleaning, use as a wet brush with the PAUME Exfoliating Cleanser.
After the birth of her first child, Amy Welsman became hyper-aware of germs, stocking her house with hand sanitizer. She quickly realized these conventional options were harsh on skin, had an off-putting smell, and came in unnecessary disposable packaging. This inspired her to create PAUME—a brand on a mission to protect people and the planet with a system of refillable, plant-powered products that nourish hands back to health—so you can safely stay in touch with others.

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